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Chris Swemba

Hi, I'm Chris Swemba CEO of Kinetica Media in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Chris Swemba's Bio:

I started Kinetica Media back in 2002 to provide managed online marketing services to businesses.  Kinetica Media has served over 1000 businesses since that time and has worked with top brands including, but not limited too:

> Ford

> Taco Bell

> T-Mobile

> Remax

> Home Depot

> Holiday Inn

> and hundreds more....

My #1 goal is to provide my clients with honest and results-driven service that helps them get and keep more customers for their business.

I also invest in great companies, ideas,  real estate and Jesus Christ. 

I'm married with two very active boys that beat me up everyday :>

Chris Swemba's Experience:

Chris Swemba's Education:

Chris Swemba's Interests & Activities:

Internet marketing, hanging with my family, driving my wife crazy, wrestling with my boys, investing, movies, video games, making my clients money, real estate, zombies anything..., learning, giving, Grateful Dead, RC, exercising and praying.

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